I’m Tin! Thank you for being here!

The idea for this blog was born during my sleep-deprived season, when I couldn’t find time to do my usual things, and I felt like a dying candle, I knew I had to write.

You see, I was blown away by how grueling postpartum could be. To my surprise, the transition to motherhood wasn’t easy either. To give a better viewpoint, let me borrow the exact words of Laura Mazza, a mom of three.

“But entering motherhood for the first time is like a tornado that swirls you in and spits you out. Those days are by far the hardest.”

So whether you are the giddy expectant penguin, or you just gave birth and are overwhelmed by the new norm, I hope you find some good reads here and find someone you relate to.

I plan and hope for this blog to serve as a place where you can find resources, tips, and recommendations that can help you at the beginning of motherhood.

Aside from being a mom, here’s what sparks joy in me…






Taylor Swift


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Adventures pump me up and at the same time, I’m always the chill person. Hence, the name The Laid-back Adventurer. This site was originally meant to be a travel blog. But becoming a mom swept me off my feet I dedicate this blog for it.

Hello, lifestyle!

Since we’re crafting our lives around values and interests, I will soon be writing about other good stuff: eco-living, home & organizing, food & kitchen, and learning & play.


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