10+1 Safety Tips for Travelers

There are loads of travel hacks out there but here is my safety tips edition.

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We all find ourselves in unexpected situations when we travel. Some are awesome, some are a nightmare: Think of losing your passport abroad. 🙃

It doesn’t matter whether you’re flying domestic or international. It is your job to equip yourself with the knowledge on how you can avoid or handle emergencies. You can still enjoy the adventure while being cautious anyway. 😎

Spare some time to follow these safety tips for travelers so you don’t find yourself at your wits’ end.

1. Do some research.

You’ve listed the tourist spots you’d like to visit and how much the entrance ticket to a theme park costs. Just the same, don’t forget to check for news about the place you’re going to. You can learn about scams prevalent in particular areas. Having this knowledge means there’s a lesser chance you’ll fall victim from it.

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2. Give your loved ones a copy of your itinerary.

It could be your parents or trusted friends. Complete it with hotel addresses and contact numbers so they have a starting point on where to track you if ever something goes wrong.

3. Make hard copies of important documents.

Scan your passport and other identification cards then store digital copies. Print one or two copies and stash it in your bags. Better, keep them in unique different spots.

4. Have emergency cash.

You shouldn’t be placing all your money in one wallet anyway. Store cash in a secret pocket, inside your socks, inside an empty lip balm case.

5. Bring a small medic kit.

Mine consists of antacids, paracetamol, band-aids, and Vicks. You know what your body will most likely need, so yes, bring that Diatabs. 😬 Store creams and ointments in small containers so you can still pack light. Don’t forget to keep them in your carry-on luggage.

6. Know where the emergency exits are.

May it be on a plane or at your accommodation, take note of where you can dash off when it is unfortunately needed. Studying floor maps won’t hurt too.

exit signage
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7. Check your room once you arrive.

Before you relax, scan your room first. I read a piece of news before about a woman spending her vacation and sleeping in a room with a dead body hidden in it (don’t ask me about the smell). So check under the beds, inside the closet, the bathroom, and anywhere where a human can fit. A corpse is one thing. But someone alive hiding for you? Let’s not get to that.

8. Be street-smart and stay alert.

Do this and you’ll less likely be a target of pickpockets. Growing up in Manila means I wear my backpack in front, and constant checking of its zippers was a habit. Even so, make it a point to check if you still have your passport and/or purse. Learn from me. We were already on our way to the airport in South Korea when I found out I lost my passport. Imagine the hassle.

9. Refrain from posting a photo if you’re still in that place.

What is touring without a picture to remember? After all, you traveled miles to see this breath-taking landscape. You should take a photo and post it right away, eh? Nope. You may not be a celebrity but there will always be the possibility of a person stalking you or after you. Post it later when you’re in a different location.

10. Be careful of who you trust especially if you are traveling alone.

Dress like a smart local, blend in with the crowd, and be aware of your surroundings. Speaking the local language will earn you smiles and appreciation. Try not to wander around looking lost. Don’t give important details to people you just met. Remember the movie Taken? Well, here’s Liam Neeson hearing…


In the movie, his daughter wasn’t even on a solo trip. 😶

And the most important of all my safety tips…


Pray all the time. Pray before you leave your house. Pray when you arrive at the airport; before the plane takes off; when the plane has landed; when you’re back home safe. Thank Him for the endless times He’s saved you.

Whether I’m traveling for business or leisure, I try to follow this list. It is wise to be prepared in unfamiliar places. Safety should always be your priority especially when traveling.

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