What To Buy for Baby Number 2: My Short Checklist

Reading lists of baby essentials could be overwhelming. Thankfully, if it’s your second baby, you have most likely ticked a lot on your checklist.

We already have one-time buys like nursing pillow, letdown catcher, nail clipper, books, UV sterilizer. The hand-me-downs from his older brother: mittens, socks, bonnets, and muslin blankets.

But looking back on what I learned from being a first-time parent, I have a list of things Iโ€™d like to try now that we didnโ€™t get to before.

1. Zipper Swaddles/Sleepsack

Keeping our firstborn swaddled in his muslin blankets was a struggle. I told myself that next time we have a baby, we should try these zippered swaddles. It looks promising in keeping babies snug and comfortable. Zipping them up must be easy too.

Swaddling keeps babies’ arms (and legs) from flinging, therefore helping them sleep longer and undisturbed by their own startle reflex.

We were gifted velcro swaddles before but they were too big for newborn Tikoy. When we tried it again months or weeks after he was born, he was already too large to fit inside. I look forward to using them this time.

2. Footed Pajamas

I want to try footed pj’s so there are fewer socks to wear. Although this means freeing his feet for every diaper change, I just have to ensure our room temperature isn’t uncomfortably cold.

3. Onesie Long Sleeves

We never had these before. Keeping him in long sleeves might work for just a month or two. And then maybe he’ll use his kuya’s clothes from then on.

4. Hooded Towels

I’m thinking about the terry cloth or microfiber, or any other towel that is soft and super absorbent. I’m not a fan of what we have here at home.

5. Bathtub

We’ve been through two bathtubs and three different inserts, and I’m just not satisfied. The ideal ones (those I see in department stores) are worth more than Php 2,000 and I’m not sure I’m ready to shell that out. Guess I need to hunt more.

6. Black and White Flash Cards

I didn’t know about these cards when Tikoy was still a baby. Newborns have limited eyesight, and high-contrast colors like black and white images are said to help visual stimulation.

7. Foldable Crib or Pack N Play

Our space is small so we want to have something that is sturdy but is easily folded when not in use.

8. Blackout Curtains

I don’t want to spend money on this so I kept looking at whatever blanket or cloth we can hang by our huge window. Pero waley, so maybe this is the answer na talaga. It could help baby whenever it’s time to nap.

And while it is cool that we have a lot of what is needed, there will always be baby things to buy. My list below doesn’t include newborn liquid detergent, cotton buds cleaners, and other consumables because we still have enough of them.

The waving consumables

  • Huggies Newborn Diapers – From experience, Huggies has the smallest newborn diaper in our market and it was what fit Tikoy after birth. I didn’t know Unilove then so we’ll probably try their newborn-size too. I wish we can have a go at cloth diapers but cleaning and drying them could be difficult where we live.
  • Pigeon Wideneck Teats – Although I plan to breastfeed baby number 2 exclusively, I like having bottles ready. Hopefully, heโ€™ll take to Pigeon bottles too like his brother. My husband already bought the teats in Singapore since those are cheaper there.
  • Pacifier – I’d say it’s best to have one in case the new baby turns out to be a paci guy. We ordered one from Pigeon as well.
  • Bottle Brush – Just so we can avail of the free shipping, we added the Pigeon Bottle Brush to our cart. I love the brand anyway.
  • Cotton Balls – While many use wet wipes to clean their babies’ bums, we prefer cotton balls and water as it seems more gentle to use on their skin. Warm water also makes it easier to remove the sticky poop.
  • Saline Drops. This might be included in the newborn kit hospitals give so we’ll wait first. Newborn noses are always stuffy.

Am I as excited in preparing for the second baby’s arrival as I was before? Yes. For the reason that there’s not that much to spend on. Yun talaga yung nakaluluwag sa damdamin haha.

I honestly thought we wouldn’t need to check out baby items. But when we visited the baby section at a mall, it dawned on us na ay meron at meron pa ring kailangan. Plus, if you have a car you may need another car seat if your toddler is still using his. Though here in the Philippines they are not strict about having car seats installed.

Ultimately, what you’ll want for your second baby will depend on your experience with your first.

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  1. Relate ako! Haha.

    The difference is most in my checklist when I had my second baby, newborn clothes lang since another girl! Laking tipid!

    Also car seat since strict sila dito sa Taiwan.

    Anyway, I’m loving your blog. It’s so pretty!

    Finally saw another Pinay mom blogger.

    Have you been earning as well?

    I do! Pakonti konti nakakatuwa.

    Till next time,

    1. Oh my gulay! I’m so happy to see your comment! Thank you po for the compliment din sa blog. <3

      I'm not earning yet po, shy ako mag-promote pa hahaha. I haven't posted anything for months din kasi my brain won't make an effort to write nung first trimester.

      Really glad to know you are earning na. ๐Ÿ˜€ Will ask for tips from you po soon.

      1. I’m so happy to have stumbled on your blog din!
        I’m a follower of Twins Mommy and your blog was mentioned in one of her posts kaya napunta ako dito. Sinugod ko agad! Haha.

        So happy for you na ma-feature ka sa blog nya.

        That’s a good backlink for your site!

        Actually, I am planning to enroll in her blogging course. Pero I’ll wait muna.
        So what I do is I watch lots of niche blogging youtube videos at so far I know na which ones are gold.

        But then sure. Ask away if you have any questions.

        1. Ah yes, yung sa start on IG po. Super happy din ako nung makita ko yun sa blog post niya. I think kaka-start ko lang siya i-follow sa IG nung time na yun. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you po sa pagsugod haha

          Same po! Mag-enroll sana ako sa RSB niya nung Black Friday but I changed my mind muna kasi occupied pa ako with pregnancy symptoms.

          Sa IG ko na rin po siguro i-send questions ko. ๐Ÿ™‚

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