Maternity wear: What I found to be the comfiest

Now that I’m not pregnant anymore, I see a few of my maternity clothes and think, “Bakit ko ba to pinili?” Though we didn’t buy a lot, I’d say we bought more than enough.

If I could go back and buy only one article of clothing for my pregnant body, I would have this gem.

This Uniqlo Maternity Leggings is the queen of my pregnancy clothes. We bought mine in Singapore for SGD 19.90.

Even after giving birth, I’m still in love with this leggings. It is super-stretchy, can be worn at all pregnancy stages, and is garter-less so my belly feels freeeee. I used to suffer from acid reflux so even before I was pregnant, I shy away from pants and shorts with garters. I feel like I’m neglecting all my other pants just for this.

Here in the Philippines it is priced for P790. Colors to choose from are Dark Gray and Black.

While some of my pregnancy clothes sadden me, I still have a maternity dress that I love wearing. Even though my mom said I look like a hanger wearing it now, I feel comfy and happy because it reminds me of my always-hungry penguin bod.

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