Preggo thoughts, this year, and the new adventure

It is day 366 of the prominent 2020. I have a lot to say but I don’t know if I should write it all here.

Screw it. I checked my other blogs and remembered I already wrote some of my preggy thoughts there. Bakit ba kasi ang dami kong blog?

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I am seven months preggy and getting bigger each day. Many consider this the worst year of their lives. But to me and my husband, this is the year we are blessed with this wiggling creature in my tummy.

I am so near yet so far in the pregnancy finish line. From the terrible first trimester to the sweet honey second tri, I have experienced the roller coaster my hormones were mostly responsible for. The future kinda looks clearer now in a way that I’m beginning to doubt what I can offer this beautiful son of mine.

Allow me to say that I am going to miss being pregnant (first tri symptoms not included). I’ll miss how people are so much nicer and helpful to me because I have a bump. I’ll miss the kicks and jabs I feel from my uterus. Those wavy movements of my tummy that I enjoy looking at. Even when he’s out already, I have this feeling I’ll still be putting my palm over my stomach countless times each day, waiting for him to stretch his limbs.

Loving these moments

I’ve got a number of things to accomplish and still, the priority will always be this baby. This time I won’t be bold and say I can juggle everything easily once he arrived. My husband and I will manage though. We always do.

I am excited to open this next chapter. Baby care to child care. How to change diapers? How to bathe a baby? How to lull him to sleep? How to carry (yes, even this) a baby? How to feed him? I can’t wait to learn all these with my husband. Parenting is a long road of #figuringitout.

Will I figure out what is needed soon? Can I take care of him while doing household chores? While working? While attending to his Dad? Can I feed him on time? When he’s six months old, will I be able to regularly concoct healthy food for his growing body? Thinking of what to cook for me and my husband every day is already hard.

I am now responsible for another life. How to do this when I feel like I’m just a kid myself? How to nurture him? How to teach what he needs to know? What to teach him (His words, of course)? Will we be able to provide the best books and toys and stuff for his learning? Will we have ample time to spend with him and make him feel loved?

I feel like he’s understanding my thoughts as I write these down. (Pregnant mindset. Concluding what the bump wants when he’s moving inside.) A huge change is coming into our lives and we know it is for the better.

Every day I read the newsletters from the pregnancy tracker apps I’ve installed. They prove to be helpful though their content shouldn’t substitute a professional’s advice.

I am doing well. My body feels great despite the discomforts. We are all hopeful and showered with grace, all thanks to Him.

Grateful for this year, more than hopeful for the next. Happy new year! ✨ 💓

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