Tell me you’re a mom without telling me you’re a mom

Can you believe it has been six months already since we have Tikoy? The experiences we’re having are one for the books — though I’d say they are different from those carefree and cool moments I always write about. In fact, it was a drag. I mean, we were dragging ourselves every day.

Do you know how hard it is to care for a newborn? How can someone so tiny be so demanding? How come it is hard to put someone to sleep when he is already sleepy?

Before we had Tikoy, Kael and I didn’t have any baby care experience under our belt. We knew of course that it won’t be easy. Still, you’d think that someone who only needs milk and sleeps for 18 hours wouldn’t be a handful.

But I’m not here to write about the sad, tiring part. I’m here to enumerate and relive the peculiar things that happened (and are still happening) for the past six months. I find most of these funny and special as a first-time parent.

  • Having a baby is when you and your husband start to let each other know when you’re going to the bathroom
  • Not being able to clip your fingernails no matter the times you said you would. OR having your nails partially cleaned.
  • Eager and waiting for my baby to catch his morning nap so I can clip his fingernails
  • Forgetting to clip because I have a million other things-to-do
  • Finding time to make your coffee and NEVER drinking it hot.
  • 8pm is the new 12 midnight
  • Waking up the earliest every day
  • And choosing between taking a bath or sleeping a bit more until the boss of the house wakes up
  • Not being able to stand still (always swaying)
  • Back pain in your area 🙇🏻‍♀️
  • Not being able to eat on time (and without having to rise for interruption)
  • Trying not to laugh when you know your baby is nagdadrama
  • Learning (and realizing you care about) the difference between diaper brands
  • Resigning to knowing you’d wake up in the middle of the night not just once
  • Learning a parent hack of your own for your unique little one
  • Legit staying on Shopee and Lazada especially on sale days
  • Agreeing that thesis nights cannot even. Not even my Survivor PH days.
  • Smelling baby poop even when you are away from the house
  • Smelling your baby’s breath (this I love. ang bango eh)
  • My favorite part of the day is usually morning. He’s always happy and smiling after he wakes up.
  • And he smiles while sleeping too
  • Taking a bath so fast or not having it at all
  • Hearing/imagining baby crying while in the bathroom
  • Singing meow meow meow meow we shall have no pie
  • LSS sa nursery rhymes
  • Swapping stories and questions with other moms WITHOUT judgment 💞
  • Wanting what’s best for their kids also because really, how can you think of competition when every baby is different?
  • Eating crunchy food (chichirya and others) while baby is awake
  • Not being able to hold your phone for hours
  • Forgetting a number of things (naghugas bigas at lagay sa rice cooker pero electric kettle ang sinindihan 🤣)
  • Knowing you won’t get any of your plans done until baby’s napping in the day or sleeping at night
  • Struggling to decide whether you’ll use the night to sleep or do the things you wanted to do
  • Basically not getting any other thing done

Here are some of my thoughts when I had the luxury of time and energy to write them.

Hay. Before I know it, this will be over. 😕 Now I follow Heidi Murkoff’s first parenting advice “Don’t blink.” ❤️

Tikoy can sleep long stretches now but he still feeds twice after midnight. I also have to change his diaper at least once.

I’m not as tired as when he was still a newborn, but I still look like this every day.

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